My husband has a 9:00am appointment with the dentist this morning, and when I told him about it a few days ago, you would have thought I told him that the Golf network was no more. He was not a happy camper when he found out that he had to wake up on a Saturday morning to go to the dentist. Apparently, he has an issue with gagging. He claims just the thought of the dentist makes him do this. I, myself, thought I had achieved greatness when I was able to schedule a check up for all five of us in one month.

Perhaps I understand the issue some folks have with fear, the thought of some overbearing medic gawking into the depths of nowhere mans land. However, I have had a few dental issues myself and trust me when I say, I’d much rather have a team of dental specialists working on my mouth, than ever deal with an abscess. Maybe bearing children has properly prepared me for a limitless pain threshold, but for whatever reason I welcome my appointments. I revel in the fact that I have the insurance coverage that provides it and the fact that I can get the care I need.

In my line of work, I imagine it could be problematic to stand in front of the class, convincing my students that reading and writing is where it’s at, with three teeth in my head. When I had my own previous experience with dental issues, I did some research on what poor dental hygiene can do to ones teeth, and the results were disturbing. How was one supposed to know that cavities can contribute to heart disease, chronic infection, and/or auto-immune deficiencies? I was astounded! However, I am happy to state that so far the old ticker works well, and I will continue to make certain everyone in this household has the same benefit.