Wix (Curriculum Vitae)

So, since the onset of this class (English 516) even though I have been intrigued by the several different new media composition tools, digital art, and multimedia environments, I have still remained within my comfort zone. I notice that although I am willing to try and incorporate digital literacy into my classroom, I am still a bit intimidated by it, and the thought of throwing myself to the wolves, aka, the world wide web. I feel as though I have grown a fairly thick skin for criticism, yet I haven’t truly embraced the lot of multimedia platforms, so my skin is still not quite as thick, because I haven’t experienced the complete and utter exposure that one does when they are willing to be overwhelmed by digitality. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, it’s a new age, novel programs, and innovative ideas that we’re attempting to embrace.

Furthermore, we’re attempting to embrace this digital monster, and learn while we do it. Being in that position makes some of us feel insecure and confused at times, but that’s a great feeling, because it forces us to be curious. In order to demand a certain curiosity of our students, ought we not be as willing to discover the unknown as well? Perhaps instruction should embrace this idea as much as embracing the novel idea of the web, too?

This digital CV that I have created on Wix is by no means as avant garde as some might like to think (namely myself, even though I felt oddly techy while working on it), but it is a starting point, or maybe even a middle ground as I work through my own comfort zone, or lack there of. The more we question, research, examine, create, and further this cycle, the better off our students are. I have to admit that I opened this Wix account on the evening we discussed the site, which was roughly a little less than a month ago or more, and then I walked away from it. I left it dead in the water, and when I thought about it I felt scared, as though something would jump through the screen and bite me. The main reason why I decided to pick it up where I left of is because I am currently seeking employment and I thought, by necessity, I should finish what I started.

This is a perfect example of the comfort zone that we all like to remain in. Even though it made me a bit uncomfortable to work with it (I made a horrible mess of the page too many times to mention) every time I fell, I was able to get up and try again. I forced myself to get up and try again, because I need to be able to refer professionals and colleagues to this page. So, with that said and without further ado….here is me…..academic me.