P. 22

Regarding Devoss’s experience on working on this chapter: as I read through her morning ritual, it truly emphasizes how out of touch I am with the technological world. I have a few morning rituals myself, but not as many and as compounded as our author. I suppose that always comes with time, however, I have vowed to find a way to utilize Google docs, because the simple accessibility is amazing. I assume it would have to be an immense benefit for me, professionally. As I read through her list of items for the morning, I now see the usefulness of two monitors as Professor has stated, even though the thought seemed a bit overwhelming, initially. What does toggle mean? Possibly navigating the pointer? These are the little terms and jargon I need to pick up on. Like steps perhaps: one at a time.

P. 24

Resituating the “Digital Generation”- This section brought something to light for me. I utilize my library card and always have, because growing up, we didn’t have much as far as resources in my house. Most of the literature I was exposed to was either provided to me through school or through my local library. Moving on, I have noticed that when I am in need of certain services such as printing, it is hard-pressed to have substantial browsing time on a public PC. The Southgate Veterans Memorial library only allow 30 minutes for browsing to their patrons, I can barely open my iheart account and get my music going in 30 minutes, much less write a paper or do research. I have also experienced the cost of printing, when I run out of ink and do not have time to replenish it. To print page by page at the library is much more costly than it is to invest in ink, .10 a page to be precise. I know I have a print budget at Halle, but getting to campus early enough to print is not always an option for me. Essentially, the resources it requires to not own a PC is almost as perturbing as it is to invest in one. I would argue investing and maintain a laptop/PC is even less expensive than visiting public locations. The digital age is a movement in society, but as I have observed myself, not everyone is capable of taking part in it. I have also railed at how long I have to wait to get on a PC, there are still many people who do not own a PC. This is why ordering my ink ahead is crucial. Printing at home is most certainly a luxury. Thus, fragments of society are not being exposed to this luxury, and it has to affect the way in which they are learning to utilize technology for their own benefit, or lack there of.