Digital Citizenship – Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately.

  • The reference I mention above is a web page solely concentrated on web based identities, and what those identities assume. Needs more work. I have to browse the site more.

Toggle – I just like this word. I like saying it, there’s a lot of alliteration. So, what does it mean. Well, my first assumption was maneuvering the web. I originally thought it was a sort of button, which illustrates personal fashion savvy yet simultaneously, my techie ignorance. It actually means to make a digital move from one application to another.But really? Is that it? There has to be more about this term than changing my browsing desires.

Resituating – didn’t really have a decent definition for this term, which really intrigues me and makes me want to run with it. What can I say….I like a challenge.

Okay, I’m going to run with situate, because the word resituate doesn’t exist, obviously the prefixes and so on aren’t of major importance here. Maybe they are, I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll do searching for all forms of the word and find out what they imply. I have to see what the OED says about resituate.