Almost all of my friends either received a Kindle/Nook for Christmas or purchased one for someone this year. I have seen several customers at work, using it while having their lunch. I’ve seen folks reading them at the park, at play dates, at doctor appointments…..etc. I realize how innovative and convenient they are, but are we really in an age when a book is an inconvenience? I LOVE books….old, new, broken in, highlighted, scribbled in, I love them all! When I get a new one, I usually open it first thing and smell it, some find this odd, my husband finds it endearing. If I find an old one, I tend to imagine whose hands had it last, what they liked most about it, where they kept it…I’m a bit unusual that way. All I know is I can’t write in the marginalia of Kindle, I can’t smell it, it has no character and who needs to worry about more batteries? I suppose because I’m an avid reader, I will eventually own one, but for now, it’s just me and my books…..dust and all! 🙂