How did you get your name?

Could it be the feathery textured petal?

Soft and silk spun sheen,

Immersed throughout-

A blossom of the age,

your kaleidoscope color,

Long and statuesque,

Reaching out lovely

to the world.

You say to me, “Good morning”

with every turn of the sun,

and I pause to take you in.

Such majesty and reverence,

open-faced beauty.

Body language aiming high,

you are the shoot,

and your zenith

a wonder.

The lingering fragrance

tickles my soul.

It stays with me,

walks with me.

You are my friend.

You make me whole.

You scream life,

and I listen.

Smelling sweet,

like a long Summer day,

lost in the tide,

rolling in and out.

A bright, buxom bloom,

shining wildly.

Your Pinkest of Pink,

and rosey petals,

bursting tequila sunrise.

They hug me in the light and fair.

Twirling hues,

thunderous and sparkling,

like fresh melony tangerine.

The Sun, Sky, and Air,

rest stunningly,

within your gentle saunter.

Basking in your glory,

I patiently await,

Stargazing the Lily