I’ve never had much of a green thumb, although I do so love growing simple things like tomato gardens or tulips. House plants don’t seem to agree with me much. However, there’s something distinctly ethereal about growing anything from a seedling, and maintaining and nurturing it. It becomes yours. It is now part of you, because you have loved and cared for it. I find gardening peaceful. Even just watering my grass at 8 am. makes me feel like I’m closer to the earth at that moment than any other time of my day. Mothering three young boys and playing ping-pong with a limited but, you would think I would put more time into building and maintaining a garden, but alas I’m more likely to open a book, rather than a bag of mulch.

I have many friends with children graduating this year. They’re “flying the coup” as some of them say, and I know that when that moment comes for me, I will have to find something else in life that needs my care. Something that fulfills me when I’m in the nurturing mood. I think a garden would be a perfect resolution for my own empty nest syndrome. It would be a great introduction to get my hubby eating better. It would obviously save finances (which will be strapped in tuition for my birdies in flight). It will be, yet another way for me to keep sweating, even through the retirement years. It’s a great way to far extend my conversations with God. It will decrease the gas and time it requires to drive to Meijer/the farmers market/corner deli for produce, which I can in turn invest in the garden, thereby saving more money. Boy, this is getting better by the minute!

It will also be a good way for me to be more of a community activist by toting the abundant harvest to local charities or neighbors for sharing. I think that’s one of the greatest ways to appreciate someone: giving them something you’ve taken care of, it shows consideration and appreciation 🙂

Although I have no experience with hard labor or organized outdoor activities (hence my aptitude for writing) I know this will be a bit of an undertaking and require some assistance in that area. With that said, I do believe my husky boys will be a perfect asset in this endeavor. After I tell them how much pizza I can make with all the ingredients (including the sauce) they’ll be sure to approve and help with the work. So, it seems only natural that I get this idea going. Maybe I can start a tomato garden first, to test my thumb. I’m pretty good at growing food, herb are my friend. It must be due to my sense of gratitude, I do so love food! This grapefruit at the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens and Conservatory is what made me think of this. It’s truly a beauty. One of the many free and clear wonders of God, but only free if we appreciate its wonder. The Earth isn’t given freely, it needs care and love to maintain itself. It requires understanding and the people inhabiting it need to work hard to keep it the beautiful rock that it is. It’s stunningly hanging freely in the balance with only us here to nurture it, very much like the botanical grapefruit.