He quietly floats by as the ripple of the water’s babble sings in delight. He has no pretense, no reasoning, no intent bearing mind. He paddles about, succumbing to the water’s control. Near the shore, the onlookers take take notice. The man is kneeling in prayer. The tall man with long dark hair and sky blue eyes looks upward, awaiting patient vitality.

He is reverent and steadfast, and the onlookers are engaged in what they see: he has one hand on the man’s ear and the other upon his lower lip, they are baffled and inspired. The man without voice places his whole life in the stranger’s care. He kneels as though he has always known he could, as though he is defining his destiny. His countenance has no fear.

People begin gathering around them, more and more. Such a spectacle of awe and wonder! The tall blue-eyed man holds the kneeling one in his hands with simplistic grandeur. Oh those endearing hands, what they may do?!?