I believe we walked home from school, it was September, because the sun was still warm on my face. You were always very careful about where I walked, not close to the curb. I eventually learned that you kept me from looking like a streetwalker, which I was grateful for even though I wasn’t a streetwalker. It was a good walk from Wilson to your house, and then almost past Waterman, actually usually past Waterman. I figured that large span of street between Livernois and Dragoon was more than I felt you needed to travel. It was a decent separation point, if there is one.

I remember walking along side of you, holding your hand and feeling silly nervous. I remember kissing you on your lips at school, the look on your face was priceless. You had no idea it was coming, but it was just a peck. I knew yours was coming. I knew for a while, you were trying to find the right moment, but it didn’t present itself right away. I guess you had to wait, bummer. We were walking down Beard, we approached the corner of Whitaker, I looked at you to ask you if you remembered when I lived a few houses from Sherry, and you got me. You planted this amazingly sweet kiss on me, you cradled my face in your hands so delicately, my gut dropped but I felt like I was walking on air. It seemed to last a while, but I was lost in you, so I don’t remember how long, I just remember getting my socks knocked right off. I opened my eyes and yours were so damn green. All I could manage was a few blinks. You said, “Let’s keep walking” but I tried to argue, because we agreed on halfway home and you were going further, and you kissed me again. After that, we walked a while.

I couldn’t do anything but think of you. You made me want to be around you all the time, I felt obsessed at one point. I think my parents were happy when they found out I got a job, it meant more time away from your place. They knew I was safe at your parents but I guess they never knew, and basically I never knew just how smooth and calculating you are. I quickly discovered that, and just followed you right along like a little puppy..haha…man I was dumb for you. The funny thing is it always felt right, even when we were sneaks, nothing ever felt wrong when I was with you. It’s just that good, the memory is so vivid to me. Remembering makes me feel alive. You make me feel alive.