So, basically every morning during our eighth grade year, you sat with mom and I in my dad’s red plymouth, a slant six, I can’t remember what model. Man, I’m gonna’ have to ask mom about that car, I remember my dad loved it. I will never forget that one morning with the egg sandwich. As a kid, I usually skipped eating breakfast, but for some reason this particular morning mom decided to make me an egg sandwich, later to my dismay I found she left the yolk in it. I split the sandwich in half and gave one half to you, I didn’t want to eat it in front of you. As I passed your half to you in a napkin, the yolk drizzled into my perfectly fitted black pencil skirt with the split up the back, the one you loved! I saw you laugh, I know you tried to hide it, but I saw you. We both laughed. I was not pleased about it, that little stain on my skirt.

But you always knew how to put a smile on my face, always. You said, “Well no one is looking at the front of your skirt anyway” It was almost insulting, remember the stupid look I gave you? Still, being a naive little girl, I took it as a compliment. Then, it happened. You were trying to be all traditional, attempting to hold the door open for me and close it behind me, only you didn’t realize my finger was in the way and you slammed the door on it. So, I’m standing there in my egg yolk stained skirt with my thumb stuck in the door, and you had to have my mom open the lock to get me out. The look on your face was priceless haha! There went smooth right out the window! Eh…you get an A for effort though, you babied me the rest of the day asking about my thumb, and kissed it after school when you walked me home.

Even now to this very moment I can attest to how attentive you have been for almost 26 years. You always put my feelings first, my needs, my desires, you knew right from the beginning how to love a woman and you did just that. You have given me something that most women only dream of Jason, and I have a plethora of memories that are real and alive and beautiful and they aren’t dreams. They are my reality for the majority of my life. You made my life a luxury, a privilege most do not know. Thank you for loving me the way God made me. You never expected any changes, you just loved me right through this life. You may not be here to do it in person, but I know you’ll love me right up until the end of my life, and be rest assured, when that moment comes, I will find you. I love you!